• Introducing one of the ALL TIME Favourites in the Burma In Ya Belly range. Crispy Anchovy & Garlic Chilli - This tasty fried condiment goes with everything.

    Crispy, crunchy and full of heat and yumminess.

    Goes with all things from rice and curry or a stir fry as much as it does sprinkled on top of a seafood pizza or a prawn linguine.. Try it slathered on fresh bread and butter for a quick snack or sprinkle on top of BBQ grilled seafood like prawns or scallops, sprinkle atop a chicken salad for textural crunch, sprinkle on dumplings or soupy noodles. It even works so well sprinkled on a seafood pizza or seafood pasta.

    Get Some - Burma In Ya Belly

    Made from 80% Australian ingredients on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland

    **NO MSG ** ALL NATURAL ** 100%TASTY

  • AWARDS: SILVER - Sydney Royal Fine Food 2019 - CRISPY PRAWN & SHALLOT CHILLIIt’s a toasty mix of caramelised dried shrimps, shrimp paste, crispy fried garlic and shallots, with a gentle hit from fragrant roasted chillies. It is slightly sticky and full of deep, dark notes. It’s intensely savoury, but also sweet and rich and goes very well on rice – its traditional use. It’s also good on noodles. And with roasted courgettes. And barbecued pork. And as a sprinkled topping for a fried egg, and across cheese on toast and… well, you get the idea. Ours is made from 100% Australian Prawn, Chilli and Garlic - Which makes it just that little bit more special.Our customers attest to eating it straight out of the jar - It's that 'moreish'Also known traditionally as Balachaung, it is one of the more ubiquitous condiments from Burma. Trust me. You need our CRISPY PRAWN & SHALLOT CHILLI - Balachaung in your life.


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