About The Bear and the Ladle

Originally based on the sunny Sunshine Coast in Queensland, and now based in the Derwent Valley/ Central Highlands region of Tasmania with a mission that is simple.

To bring you a range of healthier, tastier, more superior condiments, for you to enjoy at your table. ‘Just Eat Real Food’ because with The Bear and the Ladle – from Prep to plate we make it great.

Our products are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Preservative Free, MSG Free and Refined Cane Sugar Free and made using the finest and freshest ingredients, they are sweetened with the luscious cold fusion honey sourced from Peachester on the Sunshine Coast, HUM HONEY.

At The Bear and Ladle we believe it can still taste great and be a healthier, better option for your and your family to enjoy! WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE ABOUT THAT??

From our signature Honey Coriander Mustard and our Beetroot Rosemary mustard, Apricot Spiced Relish, Tangy Creole relishes right through to our full bodied Aztec Red Hot Sauce and our De-Vinely Red Tomato Sauce and now introducing our new WHITE LABEL range of marinades as well as our unique spice blends.

The Bear and the Ladle - Welcome at Any Table!

And now introducing our Smokey Western BBQ Marinade and our Smokey Eastern BBQ Marinade and a choice of 4 Pure Spice Rubs and Blends that work as a ‘prep to plate’ with our condiments.

Not just a condiment but a time saving ‘stir through’ meal preparation as well. In this time poor world this is the ‘fist pump -winning’ moment. We want to create solutions in the kitchen so YOU and YOUR family can enjoy gourmet easily and quickly whilst still being a healthy choice.

♥ Always made with love in our kitchen for you to enjoy at home.

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Trish Davison, is the ‘creative maker’ behind The Bear and the Ladle and Burma In Ya Belly

Being the youngest of 8 children, she knows the true meaning of heart warming, tasty food, shared with many and one and all. Although Trish’s initial career was in the field of events, administration and accounts management, her passion has always been about food and delivering unique flavours, spices and sides to compliment any dish.

From catering events with her previous catering business, to her award winning range of condiments, Trish converts everyone in her path to a love and enjoyment of her food, initially with the cuisine of her parent’s homeland Burma, with her successful mobile catering business Burma In Ya Belly, and now combined with The Bear and the Ladle’s repertoire, of modern fusion flavours from places she has travelled around the globe, and come to love.

She is a little Aussie born/Burmese power pack – With her infectious smile and constant ‘bustling busyness’ she loves to whip up a feast in no time flat either for business, friends and family or volunteering  as a food maker and lending a hand through community awareness such as Rosie’s – Friends On The Street outreach program.

Following her successful business ‘Burma In Ya Belly’ for many years, Trish launched ‘The Bear and the Ladle’ a range of artisan and outstanding stable of condiments, mustard’s, relishes and sauces.

Following a feature on ‘The Today Show’ Trish’s success has been tenfold and her condiments are available widely on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and also on line. An invited competitor in the World Wide Mustard Competition 2018, the sky is the limit for Trish and The Bear and the Ladle.

Since recently re-developing the Burma In Ya Belly brand, focusing on bottled chilli condiments, Trish has continued her successes, taking GOLD and SILVER for 2 of the products entered in the Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards in 2019.

Exhibiting at the Good Food and Wine Show this October in Brisbane and looking forward to another sell out success!

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It’s the little small businesses that do incredible work.. and mixed with the triple cream brie, This one here it’s our favourite isn’t it Lisa- The Bear and the Ladle’s, Beetroot Rosemary Mustard.. try this – I mean, I mean…

Karl Stefanovic, Today Show - Channel Nine

Honestly our lives have changed (for the better) This stuff is insanely good…

Lisa Wilkinson, Today Show - Channel Nine

My Shephard Pie’s and Stews have literally come to life with flavour from your De-Vinely Red Tomato Sauce and Smokey Western BBQ Marinade – A match made in heaven. We also love the Beetroot Mustard

H.Wright , Blacksmiths, NSW

Apricot Spiced Relish for days!! First I mixed it in to the filling of my English Beef and Potato Pasties and served them with the De-Vinely Red Tomato sauce on the side YUM… and then used it as a salad dressing mixed with olive oil, lemon juice and truffle salt.. PERFECT!

J.Blackwell , Brighton, NSW

As a Vegetarian, we sometimes find it hard to find variety and flavour excitement in our meals. Well we added your Honey Coriander Mustard to our mashed potatoes and practically use the De-Vineley Red Tomato Sauce on everything… We like it alot!

S.Johanssen , Manly, NSW