The Bear and the Ladle’s Beetroot Rosemary Mustard featured on the Today Show with Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson saying…

It’s the little small businesses that do incredible work.. and mixed with the triple cream brie, This one here it’s our favourite isn’t it Lisa- The Bear and the Ladle’s, Beetroot Rosemary Mustard.. try this – I mean, I mean… (Karl Stefanovic)

Honestly our lives have changed (for the better) This stuff is insanely good… (Lisa Wilkinson)

Thank you!
We thank you for the wonderful amount of business and sales we have recieved since the Today Show with Lisa and Karl aired, last Friday 4 August and we just wanted to say we appreciate YOU!

Our processing staff have been packing and sending all week so, if you are still waiting on your order placed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, your order is NOT FAR AWAY and we truly appreciate your patience.

It’s exciting times for us, however getting orders to you in a timely fashion is always our aim and objective. We have upped our production to ensure our customers can access our products quickly and without too much fuss and also seeking stockists Australia wide so we can help you avoid pesky freight and post costs.

We look forward to you enjoying our products and sharing them with you friends and family.

The Bear and the Ladle – Welcome at any table.